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Thu, Mar. 9th, 2006, 10:11 pm
invisible_kita: . . .

Okay. I thought this place had died, but apparantly I was wrong and you guys kept living without me. ^^;

Thank you sooooo very much Sugaru-chan for trying so darn hard all the time. My internet has recently MASSIVELY increased. I now have the time necessary to devote to this RP.

Is anyone still here? I'd really like to start anew, and advertise for new characters who we need to fill in. Anyone? *sends hugs around to all loyal members*


Wed, Aug. 10th, 2005, 08:47 pm
magnum_k: *shoots the roof*

Where am i?

*shoots the coconut trees*

I'm practicing my new handgun in the empty lot outside NG,the next minute i'm here...In this tropical country.

*looks around,with gun still in his hand*

Is anyone their??

Damn this beach,WTF?! I'm in my speedos?!

ooc: OMG! i totally sucked!!!!
judy i'm really sorry!
*runs to hide*

It is abit short cause i would like the 3 remaining members to be in here so that i'll know which one is missing and for them to use their imagination on broadening that subject..

(i'm just making this post have sense..bear with me,hahaha..*glomps* all)

Thu, Aug. 4th, 2005, 06:19 pm
suguru_san: THIS RPG IS ALIVE!

Hi everyone!

Since Our darling Tilly is not here.(i miss you!please come back soon)...i will be the one to manage our RPG for the moment...so i would like to announce that our RPG is still alive and i would like to tell the remaining active members my sincerest thanks..i love you guys..namely:

alucardsduo ...(belated happy birthday,i read on your LJ just this moment...)

shinyshuuichi ... (hugs and kisses..you should know by now that i would keep this RPG alive,even if i have to stall my thesis *pokes shu-chan*)

judy_sama ... ( i'm sorry if i have not given you the same treatment as the others..*bows*,ihope to get to know you better like the others..*smiles*

and me! suguru_san...(stayin alive!)

See..that makes 4 of us members,people might say that our RPg is struggling,and we have to liven things up,but i really needed new members..maybe thats why i would like to have this RPG in an open membership,maybe that will help in gaining memebers for our RPG..*sighs*

Thanks guys for staying in our RPG,i hope we'll get to have more fun as we gain members..so please,if you can find other people who are intrested in joining..please do so..we have many vacant positions... their is no need to apply ,just give me an email or leave a comment in my LJ : meow2x,its open for everyone,i promise...and tell me if you wanna join and your desired characters...

And to the new member of The _law_of_love:fani_chan..i hope you'll join us,just tell me what character you like,and i'll give it to you..

Tilly...please come back..we missd you..*hugs*

Also..i will try to have 2 characters with me,and its K, the name will be magnum_k its suppose to be used on this other RPG,but i can manage it..so if you guys wanna have 2 or 3 characters,you can have them..just tell me first..

*ohh..i wish Tilly will not kill me..*

And i will start a new tread with K (or Claude for judy_sama) .. you are all welcome to join.. *here is it,you can join in here Judy..)

Fri, Jul. 8th, 2005, 05:07 pm
alucardsduo: ..Eiri

After waiting for the men to finish their debate he takes off without them. I'm done waiting for one person or the other, or being held back and then pushed forward again. I'm just going. If they come, then fine. Knowing Schuichi he would eagerly follow, and Suguru... well, he wants to investigate anyway, no matter his reasons and seeing his conversational piece run off it was inevitable he would follow.

I'm begining to wonder though.. if there might be any others that came to the island in the same manner, or if they have spare clothes. It's getting ..chilly, as the night creeps up on them.

Tue, Jun. 28th, 2005, 09:23 am
suguru_san: Apology to everyone..



I'm really sorry!!!!

I think this is the first post here since...eons...i'm really sorry,we just started classes and my head is already splitting in two..we already have all those school works that can take up all your time,and sleep..*sighs*

I'm really sorry..Tilly,sorry..gomen,i am not here to check on all the things,i know you entrusted me a responsibility to poke members when they seem to be asleep..or not being here...*pokes herself* ...





Dont worry,i wont quit our RPG..i think i have done many things for this RPG to just give it up..i dont wanna give up my friends here and the future friends that i will have tru this RPG ... i just hope that we can have new memebers and stuff..i know,Tilly your really searching for new reqruits..waaahh..i really hope i can help you with that,but i'm really in deep with this damn report..

But dont worry,next week..i promise...i will be here...i'll spend 1 WHOLE day ..just for internet..i'll spend my library hours on this..cause i know i owe you guys a huge apology...

Im really sorry..


PS: I am NOT Quiting..hehehe

Sat, Jun. 11th, 2005, 05:01 pm
judy_sama: Judy Arrives!

Judy Winchester had just left the set of Early Morning Today where she'd been talking about her upcoming film.

"Dammit! That's the last time I appear on an inane morning show that doesn't have any decent coffee!" She made a mental note to yell at Ark about it later. Where the hell was Ark anyway? Who cares! He'll figure it out soon enough.

Judy made for the Starbuzz shop across the street. "Yes, I'll have a grande caramel mocha latte, extra espresso please, to go! Why yes, I am Judy Winchester -- thank you!" She responded automatically when she was recognized as always. "Oh no, I couldn't!" She smiled with her well rehearsed shy-yet-charmimg expression when the starstruck clerk offered to give her the latte for free.

"Well, if you insist -- Of course you can have my autograph, it's the least I can do -- now who shall I make it out to, dear? Yes, thank you -- I'm glad you enjoyed Lutie, now please, go see my next film, which will be even better! Do write me and tell me what you think!"

FINALLY -- Judy was able to leave Starbuzz with her precious espresso. She sipped deeply, closing her eyes, savoring the flavor and the sweet caffeine... When she looked up, she noticed a blue light. "What the hell did they put in this coffee?!" She blinked, and when her vision cleared, she was surrounded by sand.

"What is going on here?" Judy looked around...it looked like she'd been somehow magically teleported to one of the many beach resorts where she and Claude had vacationed over the years...except she didn't see anyone around...none of the usual tourists and locals all pretending not to stare while trying to catch her eye. Judy didn't like it. She walked into the nearest building..."Nothing but computers! Well, maybe this will tell me where in the world I am!" She sits down at a computer, but every address she enters brings up nothing but LiveJournal. Suddenly, the LJ update page comes up with her name on it. In desperation, she begins to type. After she finishes, she finds her way outside.

"Hello! Is anybody here?!"

Tue, Jun. 7th, 2005, 10:10 am
invisible_kita: @_@;

Sorry I've been trying to recruit new members. Please reply to this post if you're still here.

Here's the thing. We're going to start over again. Not from the begining, but with a new thread. Please reply with whatever your character is doing.

So far:

Shuichi found Suguru, and the two of them were wandering around looking for civilization. Then Yuki appeared on the island. Ryuichi found Eiri Yuki and tried talking to him, but didn't get very far. Ayaka-chan found Yoshiki, and the two were talking when Yoshiki saw Eiri-kun in the distance. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, and Ryuichi and Eiri-kun lost all of their clothes, except for tiny black speedos. Now, the two of them are standing there wearing speedos. Shuichi and Suguru came up just in time to see Eiri trying to escape (unsuccessfully), and Shuichi ran to Eiri-kun's side and started badgering him. Taki is somewhere on the island as well, but hasn't found anyone yet. (Poor Taki... feel free to join the thread...)

Now, I'll continue from here with what Yoshiki's doing.


Yoshiki ran up to Eiri-kun who was still wearing a speedo.

"Eiri-kun!" She shouted excitedly. "Omigosh! You two are actually wearing speedos! Maybe I *did* die and go to heaven. ^^" Yoshiki smiled brightly, and glanced over toward Ryuichi.... Hey she thought He looks awefully familiar... Where have I seen him before?...

((OOC: Guys, please reply to this, and let me know what your character is doing, so that we can get this RPG going again. I'll continue advertising, and attempting to recruit people... I've also gotta update the userinfo. I'm going to pretend for now (until I hear otherwise), that the people mentioned in this post are the only people with us. k? Thanks for sticking it through, guys...))

Mon, May. 16th, 2005, 06:21 pm
ryuganji_otome: o.O; ?????

((OOC: I edited this post because I didn't realize that all of them weren't supposed to be in the same place at once. Gomen!! ^^;))

It was a rather strange encounter, to put it briefly. One minute Ayaka-chan had been curled up for an afternoon nap in her favorite chair. The next--well, it was quite difficult to explain. When the girl woke up to find that he had a horseshoe crab for a pillow, she appropriately began to wonder about her surroundings and if this was, in fact, a dream. She let out a sharp exclamation of surprise and still feeling a bit woozy, she could barely make out the faint remnants of blue light dissipating into the horizon. If that weren't confusing enough, she soon heard a voice above her. Slowly, she sat up and blinked her eyes. Mmm....I must be dreaming. Groggily, she stared up at Yoshiki. "Oh my, what nice coconuts!" She suddenly exclaimed. When Yoshiki seemed to blush and giggle a bit, Ayaka bowed her head in embarassment. "I meant those." She said, pointing up to the tree above kitazawa's head. "And if you would kindly offer an insight as to where I've landed right now, I'd greatly appreciate it. ^^;

Sat, May. 14th, 2005, 09:25 pm
alucardsduo: Eiri, Yuki

He grumbles, staring at the blank laptop screen with only his word program opened and yet no words upon it. There we go. The little blinking line. Demanding words to be entered for yet another succeeding novel. He sighs becoming restless, shifting his hand through those yellow locks. Why did I have to hit a writer's block now? Of all the times.. At least Schuichi's not here to bug me... but it's been awhile since I've seen him. Come to think of it... Nah. I shouldn't. He grabs his mug standing, staring once more at the screen hoping for answers, but none came to him. Groggily he turns to leave the bright light into the darkness of the room, heading out to the kitchen to get a refill on his black coffee. However, when he reaches the doorway another blinding light comes to him. Not in the form of a computer screen, instead coming in an undefined way. Gritting his teeth he raises his hand to block the light, shutting his eyes tightly to ward it off but succeeding in little.

Something's not right. Did I spill something? It was wet. Wet and soft. Shit! His first reaction was he spilled his coffee on the luxurious rug, quickly opening his eyes to inspect the mess but finding none. What the hell.. What's this? Sand?

Fri, May. 13th, 2005, 04:15 pm
taki_aizawa06: ^^

*walking and talking on phone with manager* blah blah blah and more I HATE YOU.... get over it ok im diong my own thing! got....*goes to island* WHERE THE FUCK AM I?????????????

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