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Sat, Jun. 11th, 2005, 05:01 pm
judy_sama: Judy Arrives!

Judy Winchester had just left the set of Early Morning Today where she'd been talking about her upcoming film.

"Dammit! That's the last time I appear on an inane morning show that doesn't have any decent coffee!" She made a mental note to yell at Ark about it later. Where the hell was Ark anyway? Who cares! He'll figure it out soon enough.

Judy made for the Starbuzz shop across the street. "Yes, I'll have a grande caramel mocha latte, extra espresso please, to go! Why yes, I am Judy Winchester -- thank you!" She responded automatically when she was recognized as always. "Oh no, I couldn't!" She smiled with her well rehearsed shy-yet-charmimg expression when the starstruck clerk offered to give her the latte for free.

"Well, if you insist -- Of course you can have my autograph, it's the least I can do -- now who shall I make it out to, dear? Yes, thank you -- I'm glad you enjoyed Lutie, now please, go see my next film, which will be even better! Do write me and tell me what you think!"

FINALLY -- Judy was able to leave Starbuzz with her precious espresso. She sipped deeply, closing her eyes, savoring the flavor and the sweet caffeine... When she looked up, she noticed a blue light. "What the hell did they put in this coffee?!" She blinked, and when her vision cleared, she was surrounded by sand.

"What is going on here?" Judy looked around...it looked like she'd been somehow magically teleported to one of the many beach resorts where she and Claude had vacationed over the years...except she didn't see anyone around...none of the usual tourists and locals all pretending not to stare while trying to catch her eye. Judy didn't like it. She walked into the nearest building..."Nothing but computers! Well, maybe this will tell me where in the world I am!" She sits down at a computer, but every address she enters brings up nothing but LiveJournal. Suddenly, the LJ update page comes up with her name on it. In desperation, she begins to type. After she finishes, she finds her way outside.

"Hello! Is anybody here?!"