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Tue, Jun. 28th, 2005, 09:23 am
suguru_san: Apology to everyone..



I'm really sorry!!!!

I think this is the first post here since...eons...i'm really sorry,we just started classes and my head is already splitting in two..we already have all those school works that can take up all your time,and sleep..*sighs*

I'm really sorry..Tilly,sorry..gomen,i am not here to check on all the things,i know you entrusted me a responsibility to poke members when they seem to be asleep..or not being here...*pokes herself* ...





Dont worry,i wont quit our RPG..i think i have done many things for this RPG to just give it up..i dont wanna give up my friends here and the future friends that i will have tru this RPG ... i just hope that we can have new memebers and stuff..i know,Tilly your really searching for new reqruits..waaahh..i really hope i can help you with that,but i'm really in deep with this damn report..

But dont worry,next week..i promise...i will be here...i'll spend 1 WHOLE day ..just for internet..i'll spend my library hours on this..cause i know i owe you guys a huge apology...

Im really sorry..


PS: I am NOT Quiting..hehehe

Fri, Jul. 1st, 2005 09:10 am (UTC)

Hehehe..its okey..thats my job anyway.. you made me the second mod. so i have to do it..


I have many things to do this week and i have to finish them this sat. ..waah.. thats why i have no time to internet anymore...

I hope we can merge the yuki-shu-suguru tread in judy's post,cause i got really confused on where i should comment on, it already have 26 comments..