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Thu, May. 12th, 2005, 09:55 pm
taki_aizawa06: OMG

im so far behind i dont know whats going on. can someone help me? thanks much^^

Thu, May. 12th, 2005, 10:35 am
invisible_kita: First Thread ~ Yoshiki, outside computer lab.

Yoshiki was walking home, just like any other day, when suddenly she saw a bright light, and found herself walking on a beach instead. She was very confused, and looked around as she walked.

"Hello?~" She called into the distance, but no one answered. 'Hmm...' she wondered how she'd gotten here, but decided to let it go. She must be lost. Then she found a computer lab, and sat down. All she could find was this one site that lead to a Live Journal Site. When she began poking around, she noticed that he journal had her name on it...

((OOC: A note I forgot to mention... But, I did this so that everyone would have a journal. I know it's OOC for some character's to create a journal, so I wanted to make sure everyone had one. I'm sure everyone is curious enough to check the site... so, these computers are magical, and recognize someone when they sit down. ^.~ Also, please remember that if your character wants to post a "PRIVATE" entry to mark it as Private in the subject line, but do not privacy block it. Same with friends only posts. Just write in the subject line who can read it, and who cannot. If your character cannot read something because they are not in the friends blocked subject line, please do not reply to the post...))

So, she began typing. It suddenly occured to her that she might have been hit by a car or something, and she realized she might be in Heaven. So, she rushes outside to see if there are sexy men wearing speedos running around.

To her disappointment, there is not. ;_;

((OOC: Anyone can join this thread. ^^ Yoshiki just came out of the computer lab, so please feel free to approach her. ^.~))

Thu, May. 12th, 2005, 10:28 am
invisible_kita: OOC Mod note!

Please remember to update your character's personal journal in IC, and place ALL thread posts in the community.

Thank you! :D!

Yay! We've got a plot started! Yosh!~

Thu, May. 12th, 2005, 05:33 pm
suguru_san: Start!


Lets start the PLOT..right now!!!


Where on Earth am i?!!!

One minute i am in the studio with Hiro and Shindo-san when i am blinded with this blue light...

The next minute i am here in this beach..

Are we abductued by aliens?! .. shush Suguru,your starting to have delusional thoughts like Shindo-san ...

by the way.. where are they? why am i alone?!


OOC: i hope thats fine..i am still polishing my suguru skills cause its not been use for a long time..hahaha..sorry if theres a lot of OOC's...


Wed, May. 11th, 2005, 12:01 pm
invisible_kita: PLOT! (I'm back... ^^;)


Gomen nasaiiiiiiiiii~~~~~!!!! TOT!

I SWEAR! If it's not one thing, it's another... ;_;

Well, I'm back now! And I promise, this time, I'm not LEAVING! ::crosses heart:: Promise! I'm going to try and check this RPG at LEAST once a day, which will probably help with everything. And, once we have things started going with the characters we have now, I'll go advertise for the missing characters.

Oh, and Suguru-kun-mun, thank you sooo very much for being here when I couldn't be. You have NOOO idea how greatful I am to you... ::hugs::

And to everyone else who stayed even though we're all chaotic and crazy, and we don't know what we're doing... ;_; Thank you for staying! ToT!!

ALRIGHTY! So, the plot... Hm... I think most everyone agrees that the plot needs to be something easily managable, that the characters can take over for themselves, and we don't have to really do any work, ne? Especially because that keeps thigns IC.

So, I'm going to use the same EXACT plotline I used in my other RPG.

We're taking it from the end of the anime/manga... Um... the manga's not done yet, and I know some people haven't read the manga, so... just RP whatever you know the MOST about. :/ I know that gets weird, but with this plot, it doesn't really matter where the characters are, and what they're doing, because their plans have all been thrown off.

Now, here's the deal.

Each of your characters is going about their day as usual. They are alone, either typing on their computer, talking to themselves, reading, eating... I don't care... whatever they wanna do when they're alone. :P Anyway, suddenly, they find themselves surrounded by a bright blue light. They're blinded for a moment, and when they open their eyes, they find themselves on a beach.

Now, they may not know at first that it's an island. Or that it's deserted. How your character reacts to this scenario is completely up to you (and them ._.; ).

Anyway, there is NO WAY for them to leave the island. Even if they find materials, build a boat, and set sail, it won't matter, because the second they get far enough into the ocean, a strong wind will suddenly appear and blow them back to the shore. If they try to swim, they will find that no matter how long they swim, they don't get ANY further away from the island. If they build a PLANE, and try to fly away, they will only be able to get 2 feet off the ground before the fuel runs COMPLETELY out (no matter WHAT they do).

So, basically, they have no control. ^_^ (Told you Seguchi-kun wouldn't like this very much. ^.~)

If they wander, they will find that there are random computer labs placed sparatically around the island. These computer labs have 6 computers each. Also, the ONLY thing these computers can do is access the Live Journal website. If they try to do or type or anything else, they can't. Also, the LiveJournal website communicates ONLY with the other journals on the island. They CANNOT communicate with people who are not on the island. (So they can use these LJ's for their own personal journals and such.)

Now, you can have your character run into anyone you like. Simply post a thread in the community, and anyone can join anyone's thread. ^^ Okay?

I'm sorry if this is a bit confusing, you'll get the hang of it eventually. Okay?

I'm sooo very sorry I haven't been here.

But anyway, this is our official plot. NO ONE knows how they got here...

Tee-hee! Anyways, sorry if you don't like the plot. :P I'm sure it'll grow on you. ^.~

I'll talk to you guys later! Please reply to this with any questions you may have. Or, if you have something you'd rather not post here, e-mail me at:

^_^! Thanks guys!

Also, every post we've made before this that was IC never really happened as far as the plot is concerned okay? So... starting TODAY, the plot is in motion. I will post an IC post as Yoshiki in "her" LiveJournal. I am having her land on the island today. ^.~ And, you guys can follow suit. If you don't want your character to find a computer yet, you can start a thread by posting an OOC post in the community, third person para-style RP. ^^ And, ANYONE can join any thread that is posted in the community, so please feel free to find whoever you like.

As we gain new members, I will have them "magically" find themselves on this island as well. That way, until we get the characters, it's not odd that we don't have someone playing them. ^.~ Got it?

Any questions, PLEASE e-mail me! ToT!

Or, if you don't like the plot, please let me know... or don't understand something... :/ I wanna keep everyone happy, but I had to make this decision for myself, my sanity, and the sanity of those around me... (aka: all of you guys, especially poor Suguru-kun-mun who's been trying SOOO hard to do her best. Thanks Sugu-kun-mun! ::huggles::)

^_^! Thanks again! And... enjoy your time on the island. ^_~

((So, basically, we're taking it from the end of the manga, but since not everyone has read the manga, or the entire thing (Vol. 12 comes out soon!), if you wish to refer to something that happened between two characters, and you're involving another player, please notify the other player of when this took place. This will be difficult, since we don't know what everyone knows, but I think we can do it. ^^ Besides, I think everyone here's read the manga at least to Volume 10, ne? o.o?))


Sat, May. 7th, 2005, 05:31 pm
ryuganji_otome: OOC: Still here!

I apologize greatly to everyone for being absent for so long. I just want everyone to know that if you would still like me in the RP, I'm still here and will be updating regularly. Thanks!

-Ayaka-chan ♥

Fri, May. 6th, 2005, 08:26 pm
suguru_san: (no subject)

Hi everyone...

i am here to post the rules,to tell all of you the truth this plot requires little amount of rules cause its very loose,thats why i'm just gonna write here the essentials...(i think i am too formal..suguru's attitude is influencing me now.*shudders*,i am gonna be an old man..*sighs*


1. Nobody is allowed to go out of the island .... cause you will have no means to get out there..

2. every one can be in the same place at the same time,cause as what i have said..this is a loose plot.

3. If someone will be gone for a long time,please tell us so that we will know..

i think...thats just about it..

now the ff. info are the more explained version of the plot...


Coutry name: *err*
Location: ASIA

Tohma recieves a 10 million offer each for the 2 bands..he will call for K about it..they will talk and have agreed that they will think about it first..because the offer sounds ..well out of this world.. 10 MILLION DOLlARS..each for the band...

well the concert will be for 3 days.. *dont worry that 3 days will be longer..hahaha,cause something will happen*

So now the final plan was presented by the secretary of Mr X:
= private plane *wow*
= An accomodation in a really beautiful,posh % star hotel *think of Hilton*
= A beach resort accomodation after there '3 day' concert ... *white sand, blue green waters,coconut trees..sorry got carried a way..i am here in Batangas, a place whre there really is white sand..etc*

=choice of Car to be given to them for their use in the country *BMW, Jaguar...u know..*
= Shopping spree for there costumes or clothes of their choice,just by showing the card that were given to them by the secretary. * THE CARDS ARE VERY IMPORTANT..WITH OUT IT THEY WILL HAVE A VERY HUGE PROBLEM. THE CARD IS THAT WAS GIVEN TO THEM IS LIKE A CREDIT CARD*

= Money is no use here,cause they will be provided with allowance...
and many more..

So the negotations are done,and the deal was approved..

because they are over whelmed by it all they will not noyice the FF importan things:

= the country was not known
= no info whatsoever of the place
= why the heck is that they are instructed not to bring money.. well large sums of money..

Well Shuichi is very excited cause this will be the first time he will experience this kind of *tour* so he have to bring a very Annoyed Yuki with him... ( you know Yuki, he will not let shu-chan know that he is very concerned with him..hahaha)

Now, when Badluck landed on the Airport..the first thing they've noticed is that Taki Aizawa is there.. for some reasons he was also invited there with the same offer that Badluck and NG have been offered... whats happening?!

Pretty fishy..right?

Now,the only problem left is that we have many vacant characters..i hope we can find memebers very soon so that we can start next week..

also the ff. characters..well i am not sure if they are still here.. so i just want to confirm if they are still with us so that we can will know which characters are supposed to be filled.

Tatsuha ( i have already notified her..i hope she's still with us.. )


So what do you think ? tilly?

is is okey?

i hope we'll fixed this up..so that by next week we can start..

*glomps shu-chan and Taki*

Thanks for being patient..

Mon, May. 2nd, 2005, 05:26 pm
suguru_san: Plot!!!!

Hi everyone..

Thank you very much for being patient with us....i was not the one toannounce this,but Tilly has some things to do so ...here i am ..now remember the Island Plot i have posted a while ago..well we are going to do that..

The rules is going to be discussed further..but the only important thing to remember is that.. no one can go out of the island..

why not?

because there is no means of going out there...if you have read the Island post..you will get it...its on the down part or at the previous post by me...

also the further details will come to you tomorrow..so please check the community..

sorry again for the delayed plot



Fri, Apr. 29th, 2005, 03:47 pm
taki_aizawa06: Blah

Well no one has found out what we should role play about and its getting pretty boring.I could make soomething up for time sake. Well if anyone has an opinion say so. ^^

Thu, Apr. 21st, 2005, 05:30 pm
suguru_san: Important!! Survey! Please RepLY!

Hi everyone..

Since all of us are confused what our plot will be,and other memebers are not crazy about the new plot,Tilly and me decided to hold a survey...

Yup a survey..

We want to know what plot you wanted...

So that means you really have to REPLY to this post because we really to know what is your ideal plot..after that we will have a vote on who's plot are we gonna use..

I think Tatsuha has already have an idea..so now,please reply to this post on what your ideal plot is..the sooner the better..

Thanks for bearing with us..we know that its going to slow thats why we need your cooperation..

*hugs everyone!*


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