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The Law Of Love

Gravitation Role Play

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This Community is for lovers of Gravitation. The anime, the manga, etc...
It is a Role Playing Community.
Please do not discuss Gravitation here. This community is for RPers only! And only RPers who have been accepted to RP in one of the following spots:

The following characters are already taken:

Ryuichi Sakuma
Suguru Fujisaki
Shuichi Shindou
Yoshiki Kitazawa
Hiroshi Nakano
Tatsuha Uesugi
Ayaka Usami
Eiri "Yuki" Uesugi
Taki Aizawa
Tohma Seguchi
Judy Winchester
(italics means that this name is in process of acceptance, or can easily be changed. Please feel free to apply for any name in italics)

So, the characters remaining to be played are:

Noriko Ukai
Mika Seguchi
Reiji (Rage)
Tetsuya Ukai
Yuuji Nakano
Michael Winchester


To join, send an application to tillyslj@yahoo.com.
The application must be In Character, and have a general understanding of the anime AND manga (as some characters will be played that only appear in the manga).
Please send your analysis of the character and an IC post. In other words, how you feel about the character, and how the character feels toward the world, and relates to certain people (doesn't have to be very specific). And, a post that your character might post. Any situation is fine for the post. Just say something you think your character might say in his/her own personal journal.
If you have questions, please e-mail me at: tillyslj@yahoo.com *jamz_dd@yahoo.com...suguru_san's email,i am the one active now..please email me there! (jamz/suguru_san)*

I will be more than happy to answer any questions.

The plot isn't yet set in stone. I'm waiting to get a few more people before we start.

To advertise please feel free to use the banner below:

Copy & Paste:
<a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/the_law_of_love"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v516/Tilly_Munson/Gravitation/LOL_Banner2.gif" alt= "Gravitation RPG: The Law Of Love" /> </a>

Thank you!!!~~~~~ ^________^

~Moderator Tilly
(ps. I'm playing Yoshiki Kitazawa: invisible_kita)